Kalalau Ron… “It just keeps getting better”

I’ve been living outdoors in the wilderness for the last 3 decades, feeding Kalalau stew and spiritual pizza to all who are open to Hawaiian style grinding, up and down the the Napali Coast…. in general, getting down with good food, good music and good vibes. We don’t fast to get spiritual, we feast to get spiritual!

Handcrafted Bamboo Flutes

I have been hand-making perfect pitch flutes from bamboo found on the Napali coast of Kauai for over last 30 years. These flutes are available from this website… in the keys of A, G C. I also make a bamboo shakuhachi flute in the key of C.

Quality Musical Instruments

Every individual bamboo flute is hand crafted by Ron from carefully selected bamboo, chosen for its appearance and resonant qualities. Each finished flute is fire tempered for durability. These are not toys, but precision musical instruments.

Kalalau Ron’s Quality Control

I personally play each and every bamboo flute to assure the purity of tone and proper dynamic range.

Kalalau Stew

If you want to hear what these bamboo flutes sound like, check out some of the videos, or you can purchase my first CD, Kalalau Stew, which was recorded live in the wet caves along the Napali Coast. You can purchase Kalalau Stew on this website.

Contact Ron

I’m a pretty slippery guy to get a hold of. The best way is to leave a comment below.